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The official app for the Nabu, Nabu X, and Nabu Watch – Live Smarter!- Find out more at features:- All-new app for setting up your Nabu wearable.- One single app for both fitness tracking and utility settings.- Sign in with your RazerID or create a new one.- Customizable notifications – set the band to notify you of exactly what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.- Comprehensive activity analysis system – all your fitness data tracked on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. Landscape mode capable for more detailed graphs.- Set goals and beat ‘em!- Advanced automatic sleep tracking – starts the moment you fall asleep, and stops the moment you wake. Includes configurable silent alarms. View your sleep history to get a good picture of your restfulness.- Nabu Watch-only settings – sync your digital watch time to your phone- Works with Apple Health – the Nabu app can share your fitness data with the Apple Health app on your iPhone. – Configure your Nabu wearable’s social features- Update your band with the latest firmware through the app’s OTA capability.- Browse up-to-date FAQs for your wearable.- Wireless sync for ease of use – Your Nabu wearable connects to the Nabu app via Bluetooth so your data is always up to date. App „Insektenwelt“ für iOSDownload für Android Damit beim Melden nichts schief geht, laden Sie bitte immer die neuste Version der App herunter. Bei Anruf: Natur – so lautet das Motto, das der NABU mit seinem Partner umgesetzt hat. Unter kann man ab sofort tierische Handy-Klingeltöne downloaden. Von der Erdkröte über den Wolf und die Heidelerche bis hin zum exotischen Blutbrust-Bartvogel – ab sofort stehen über 30 Tierstimmen in Studioqualität zur Auswahl.Darüber hinaus finden sich unter zahlreiche Informationen über die tierischen Stimmgeber und ihre Lebensräume sowie eine detaillierte Anleitung zum Download der Klingeltöne. Nein, für Nutzung der App und die Teilnahme an der NABU-Aktion „Insektensommer“ ist dies nicht erforderlich. Bei natugucker registrierte Personen können aber über die App Ihre Beobachtungsdaten an Ihren naturgucker-Account senden. We are constantly working to add more devices to this list, so check again later if your device is currently not supported. If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble keeping the Nabu X connected, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

Ensure that “Handshake” has been activated under “Social Settings” in the Nabu X Utility and that you have also authenticated your Facebook and Twitter account. The long awaited Razer Nabu smartband recently passed inspection by the FCC and now Nabu mobile apps made for Windows Phone. iOS, and Android have all been published ahead of the device`s official launch. You can find the third-party apps on the Utility App`s “Marketplace” tab. File SHA1: 13ad831ba77f1cd38cc8a243d8c551a696c3ffe8 The theory and ideas are there, however the app will frequently freeze up my entire phone. I need to reset my phone in order to get my phone to work again. This used to happen only once in a while, now I find I need to reset my phone daily. My husband thought that it might just be my phone, so what I did is spend a few random days without accessing the app and had no problems at all on those days. The moment I use the app again, phone freezes. This needs to get fixed. The Nabu X will store your data for up to 5 days. The next time you establish a Bluetooth connection to your phone, all the data in your Nabu X will sync with your account.